Jamie Johnson

This project is called 'Sensory Overload', is a work in progress. It is based on the research that Leo Kanner undertook into autistic spectrum disorder in the early 1940s and the list of 10 traits that are diagnosed. From this, I attempt to emphasise both the connections and the disparities between the outdated definitions of the condition, how they affect me, and how I see the world as a high-functioning autist. I demonstrate the latter point in the method which I see fit the most, basing the whole body of work from my own prints which contain sentimental value, combined with other materials and then scanned.

1; an inability to develop relationships

2; delay in the acquisition of language

3; non-communicative use of spoken language after it develops

4; delayed echolalia

5; pronominal reversal

6; repetitive and stereotyped play

7; maintenance of sameness

8; good rote memory

9; normal physical appearance

10; extreme aloneness

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